Janeko Lanca (a.i.p) Director of Photography


Janeko was born in Lisbon Portugal. As a student he atended Surrey Institute of Art and Design in England and Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara California where he begun his skills in photo documentary.
After studying Janeko went on working as camera assistent. After that he started to shoot in 35mm format all kinds of projects from short films, TV series, branded content, documentaries, commerciais and music videos.
Since 2001 he has been shooting in such diferent locations as Peru, USA, China, South Africa, Japan, Marroco, Cambodia, Angola, Germany, Serbia to Ukraine, with diferent directors on diferent projects, from commercials, branded content .
Janeko is a member of Portuguese Cinematographers Association (A.I.P)

IMDB - www.imdb.com/name/nm1412475/

EMAIL - janekolanca@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/janekolanca

SKYPE- janekolanca

MOBILE PHONE +351 91 255 97 44